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Entrepreneur’s Today’s 30 under 30 Awards, Highlight an Abundance of Business Possibilities in India


Entrepreneur’s Today has been at the forefront of business journalism for the better part of this decade. As a web portal and magazine, it has consistently attempted showcase inspiring individuals and there journeys to entrepreneurial success.

With their latest issues, Entrepreneur’s Today has taken a step forward into awarding the leading entrepreneurs of the country a coveted spotlight under their 30 Under 30 issues.

Taking a page from Forbes, Entrepreneur’s Today has selected a line up of interesting and varied individuals who have successfully realised their dreams of setting up successful businesses.

As a portal, Entrepreneur’s Today has consistently shown interest in ecological and social causes, and has hence does its best to highlight the work of socially conscious entrepreneurs like Dr Binish Desai and Anshita Gupta.

Dr Desai has been rightfully christened the Recycle Man of India owing to his consistent efforts in repurposing our approach to management of industrial waste. His organization has been at the forefront of developing usable materials from waste, that includes bricks, masks, toilets, soundproofing material, and much more. In our present climate of environmental crisis, the importance of his efforts can hardly be understated.

Anshita Gupta on the other hand is an educationist with an unique approach to teaching her pre-school kids. Through Sun India Pre-school she has been preaching the importance of gratitude as a fundamental basis of life. A decorated student of management, psychology and education, she eagerly trains interested teachers in her methods of pedagogy.

The list also covers a host of individuals with unique career choices and business ideas who have managed to find success in the market. People like Spoorthi Viswas and Jayanshu Chaturvedi have made radical departures from their initial careers. Spoorthi began her professional life as an actress before pivoting to entrepreneurship with gender focused mentorship projects, whereas Jayanshu shifted from a flourishing cricket career to establishing a brand of skin care products.

A similarly wild career pivot was made by Anubhav Dubey, who ditched his pursuit of UPSC to set up Chai Sutta Bar. Talk about a storm in a tea cup!

But weird and wonderful ideas are abound throughout the list, as is evident with Sanith Reddy’s OneGolf, India’s first drive in, golf themed club experience. With its successful venture in Hyderabad, Sannith is currently diversifying into other metro cities across the country.

Adith Karanth and Jayant Shashidhar have made their passion for parties into their livelihood with Centigrade a talent and event management agency that has quickly become the most sought after in the nation.

There are plenty of traditional business people in the list as well. Heena Sehrawat’s Heena Realtors is dedicated to offering transparent and accessible real estate related services, whereas Shraddha Shenoy is doing the same for legal services with Lex Mandamus LLP, India’s first virtual law firm. Financiers like Wealth Manager Ankit Yadav, and CFP Kritika Yadav are attempting to spread financial literacy as the economy becomes more turbulent than ever.

And finally, there are 2nd generation entrepreneurs like Arushi Jain of Akums, DR Nachiket Bhatia of DBMCI and Akhil Poddar of Poddar Group of Industries Maneet Singh of All Friend’s Studio New who are taking their businesses to the next level with their innovative ideas.

All this is but only scratching the surface of the entrepreneurial potential that lies hidden in the vast expanse of India’s nation. And that is exactly what Entrepreneur’s Today is hoping to highlight through this coverage. For start-ups and business opportunities India is ripe for the picking, and the 30 people who have been awarded by them is only a hint of the real possibilities that lie buried underneath.


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